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In our life we have many things to focus on, something is very important and on the other hand some are not so important. Education is one of the importance’s of our life. Sometimes many of us think that education is limited to our childhood. But the fact is we have to carry our education whole life long. Education is the learning of knowledge, information and skills during the route of our life. Teachers may draw on many subjects like reading, writing, mathematics etc. In specific professions such as astrophysics, law, or zoology may teach only a particular subject, usually as professors at institutions of advanced learning. There is much expertise instruction in fields for those who have the desire in specific skills, such as required to be an engineer, for example. Sometimes we have the opportunity of informal level of education- such as with libraries and through Internet. Informal educational have knowledge and skills learned during the course of life as well, it includes that education which is comes from our life experience.

When we think about education, we frequently think of childhood education. At the time of childhood our education is start from basic school after that junior high school level, and then high school level. After that we go to college or even degree school, but in common we complete our education in school full-time basis. But the fact is education can and should be society-wide, for all of ages. Some of us don’t believe this, saying they’re too aged to go back to school or education, or that it’s too costly, if we try to see properly then we can see that they aren’t alert of all the exciting educational opportunities that are presented to them.

Education have lots of systems, those are: Primary education, Formal education, Secondary education, Higher education, Adult education, Alternative education.

Alternative education has those important parts:

1. Teaching

2. Classics

3. Music

4. Theatre

5. Dance

6. Performing Arts

7. Sports

Sometimes education depends on Personal Interest, Lot of companies that are not in the educational field but offer educational classes for their customers! On the other hand, Independent Study is also a very valuable part of education. Independent Study like your own interest for developing himself. It can be on internet, Library, Museum etc.

So those are the various part of education. If we follow that part of study, then we are sure that we can develop ourselves much more. Hope our educational guide will help you to build more dedication to your education.